Akriti 2019

Empty cans tied together transform into a carousel; tictac boxes became shooters and carton boxes facilitated hand football. These and more were the centres of attraction at Akriti, the annual science fair at NPSI. On Saturday, young learners from the Primary Years immersed themselves in the wonders of science. We saw them expound with confidence, presenting their ideas and their exhibits to parents, grandparents and friends.

Science is everywhere from an ordinary pen to a printing machine, from a paper airplane to a space shuttle. Taking inspiration from things around them, children of grade 1 had displays related to colours. From different coloured leaves and flowers to food groups and paper butterflies in different hues, the classrooms were drenched in radiant hues.

Grade 2 had exhibits themed around ‘Sound’. From a kitchen band to carrot flutes and rattles made of palm leaf and seed, the children used diverse items to explain the various principles of sound. The traditional ‘Villupaati’ or musical storytelling drew large crowds.

Matter, molecules and atoms were the focus for grade 3. From exhibits with thermocols to egg shells in vinegar, students spoke of principles, reactions and results with confidence.

While Games was the theme for Grade 4, it was not all just about fun. Our children created toys from trash and conducted a workshop for parents on the same. Parents were seen following instructions from little ones and looking overjoyed when they gave life to toys like paper flexigons and twin planes. Village games like pallankuzhi, dayakattam, goli and kallangai saw adults become children and relive their past once again.

Students from grade 5 themed their exhibits around Wellness. While some spoke of and exhibited projects related to adulteration, others focused on wellbeing with the Surya Namaskar. Presentations on animal cruelty and misuse of the earth and natural resources by the children saw parents listening intently and asking questions.

As always, our students learnt and equipped themselves with multiple skills through the science fair. Akriti was testament to the hardwork, perseverance and teamwork of students and teachers. Kudos to all the students who explained their experiments with ease and to the teachers who worked passionately to make Akriti a big success.